About Us

P & S Consultants and Contractors is the oldest and most experienced Directional Drilling Company in Knoxville. We have vast experience in all aspects of the Directional Drilling industry. Owned and operated by Paul Bigler, our company has supplied services for Knoxville, East Tennessee and multiple states for many years. We offer a variety of services to make your next project run smoothly, saving you not only money, but valuable time.



Paul and Sherry Bigler – Owner

Paul has more experience than anyone in the entire area when it comes to Directional Drilling. Paul has worked and consulted on many projects around the country and in Canada. P & S offers services ranging from small water lines up to 16″ road bores. Paul has been instrumental in introducing Directional Drilling to the East Tennessee area for both business and residential applications.

Scott Littlefield – Operator/Locator
Scott has been with us since almost the very beginning. He brings multiple experience and talent to the table. Scott has a natural “feel” for the equipment and ground conditions making your Directional Boring project run as smoothly and timely as possible.